Saturday, 30 August 2014

Malaysia Foods chips snacks Suppliers


Through our factory ,we can support all kinds of tapioca chips , banana chips, keladi , vegetable snacks with a variety of flavors . 
The flavors are comin in original , curry,spicy,tomato, cheeses, balado ,corn and etc . we always acceptable for any mixed flavors order from buyers . 
just tell...we will make it for customer satisfaction..
Our products is catogrized in 500 gm - 1 kg -3 kg -5kg. we also accepted for any pattern of packaging like hampers , gift and etc .
we always offers a good and fresh products . we are trusted and ready for services.
Our prices is very reliable and the most important is , we are muslim bumiputera who practiced the Halalan Toyyiban in our production progress.

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